Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Yogurt Causes Pain Is There A Virus Going Around That Causes Naseau And Sharp Pains In Abdomen?

Is there a virus going around that causes naseau and sharp pains in abdomen? - yogurt causes pain

I had these from and about three weeks. It will pass for 2 days and then return. When he returns is instanteous. I woke up feeling to great, it was my day on average, about an hour later and began pain knife in his belly, my mouth began to water, but I don 'I have never been repealed. It's day 2 of the cycle and not the pain almost unbearable. You start high, and every bite I'm trying to eat my jab. Then you come to my lake and embroidery. I diarhea .. I ate all the yogurt, cheese, fruit, turkey, bread. Nothing spicy. My friend told me he had the same thing and the nurse said he had many things in the rotation. I think not. I had a great time to be a virus.


Nicole D said...

My children have given this cycle to a month. He was of diarrhea in the "more" accompanied points. My doctor told me it was one virulent gastroenteritis and malicious software, the mutant and is in fact doing the rounds.

I agree, you should see your document. In the case of gastro-enteritis, a wound or a parasite. Anyway, since your doc said that it is able to help relieve the pain and symptoms until they are better.

It seems to be, maybe the same thing. Good luck and hope you feel better soon!

Ann D said...

You should consult your doctor.

I really do not think I have a virus.

Good luck, wish you a speedy recovery.

ANGEL3Y3... said...

Could your plant?

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