Saturday, December 12, 2009

Videos Beatiful Agony Why The Hell Youtube Removing Videos With Music?read More?

Why the hell youtube removing videos with music?read more? - videos beatiful agony

I gave up a few videos of songs, and that's what they say 2 days later ....
Your video is a beautiful morning, can also be an acoustic one morning from The Rascals, who owned or licensed by WMG.
Accordingly, the video is blocked in the world.
What should I do?

Replace prelicensed With audio files "to the sounds of video with a song from our song library. After replacing the video will be available worldwide.

Under certain circumstances, they may require the application of copyright WMG. These can be one of the following:

* The content is misidentified and is actually quite original creation;
* They believe that their use would infringe copyright (eg "fair use" under U.S. law);
* In fact, it is authorized by the owner to use this content.


Talat T said...

Well, you just type what the whole world, the end of YouTube. They provide for the videos? they arent home videos, which are all new, music, or TV people do things on YouTube. No more videos from home. its much slip by famous personalities. What do they say, basically, it is forbidden, on video, until you find the so-called audio swap, which gives you only the choice of about 5 good songs. I Feel Your Pain

jonnyric... said...

Its called copyright.

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