Friday, December 25, 2009

Tile Shower Soap Holder Does Anyone Know Alot About Dealing With Slum Lords And Rental Properties?

Does anyone know alot about dealing with slum lords and rental properties? - tile shower soap holder

A friend of mine lives in an apt that has 2 major problems. A leak in your carpet, tile and bathroom with a decrease of the bathtub with mold. The point of the wet carpet starts to stink carpet, ceramic soap dish down. It has already notified the office leasing and was sent as 4 different people to solve problems, but none of them. He then contacted the mayor, came to control the apartment and found pictures. He said they would fix it or leave it by your lease. The fact is, he said the process could take 2 mos. For the company to court, so there is something more to do than the rod? And he did not say, unusual for a property to use only 2 months to solve problems of losing (so) will be used in court. And let them have to pay rent until they leave the rent to be agreed. She tried calling a few lawyers, but they do not care about this kind of thing. Recommendations ... Mold?


Gravy said...

I do not understand why, if there are four different repairs, the repairs are not made.

Nevertheless, for housing court, not a lawyer. I could also tell the owner what he has done, and ask that you not immediately reported below the market for.

Lesharo said...

You can use a notice that he withheld rent until proper repairs are satisfied to send. It can not be deported because of this or that is in violation of the tenants. And be given even in cases of expulsion must be adequate notice and a reason specified in the law.

This page can help you:

Just find your county and issues that you need.

dodgerbl... said...

Contact Barrack Obama.

He has experience in this area

FKC said...

I do not see why I should pay the rent be continued. There is no such thing as the implied warranty of habitability in all concessions, which means that the landlord should have the premises in a reasonable manner for the duration of the contract. The conditions you describe could be sufficient to maintain a breach of this warranty, which would place a legal framework for a rent strike. Instead of paying money to the owner, you open a separate bank account and deposit the rent each month - show a reduction in good faith if the landlord tries not to initiate deportation proceedings of money in all cases.

Good luck.

devilmay... said...

1. Make moving pictures of the apartment when you when you think that this will download and not be held responsible.

2.When the place goes to the dogs, please contact the owner.

3. If you have a Slumlord ", then take these images for health care or give them a call.

4. Think like mold, leaks, etc., are a danger.
Call your city inspectors "Creation / Ministry of Health
(You a cookie or a roommate may want to check their account status.)

5. Contact protecting agents. It will ensure that the APT is before payment is Slumlord.

6. If all this confusing, MOVE!

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