Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Excalibur Electronic Chess Electronic Dominoes Games?

Electronic dominoes games? - excalibur electronic chess

I wonder if you can buy a portable electronic modules (ie those who play alone) against the electronic brain that are better than "Excalibur Electronic Double-6 Dominoes Game", which I think is a bit sticky. I hope it will be something that seems as good as many of the electronic chess pieces, which you can get.


batraylo... said...

The only electronic Domino available today in the U.S. (or world for that matter (I know, this is the Excalibur Double 6 domino game. Why is the only one available? There seems to be a demand for electronics dominoes. Case in point: Excalibur Electronic has its started, double-6 dominoes game in 2003, and you can always buy online, retail stores for under $ 20. The Excalibur Electronic double-6 dominoes Domino is the best electronics on the market today. This is not saying much, unfortunately. If you are a are beginners in the world of dominoes will probably appreciate. If you are a fan of Domino, you'll probably find the controls and the interface is basic and boring.

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