Saturday, December 26, 2009

Baby Shower Thank You Phrases Any Cute, Original Baby Shower Invitation Wording Ideas For A Girl!?

Any cute, original baby shower invitation wording ideas for a girl!? - baby shower thank you phrases

I purchased my kit from a computer with Office Depot, but I'm doing at a loss for the little phrase? "All ideas are great. Thanks!


Amber G said...

is a young girl is the original. tries, a princess in the world (due date) will celebrate with us to make. be creative. for my baby shower with my two girls, put her in some way an ultrasound image on the invitation as a bottom. I thought it was cute. I think it scanned into the computer and use it as a watermark. good luck .. congrats and enjoy

billie_j... said...

something .... Princess or Little Miss ... - Name - lol: P


Me said...

It's a Girl
or grrrrr
then add a little kitten

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