Sunday, December 13, 2009

Girl Gets Frontal Wedgie How Do You Get That Back Bump In Your Ponytail?

How do you get that back bump in your ponytail? - girl gets frontal wedgie

I like to talk to me before, I mean that in the back. How do you get it?

I see girls made all the time, and I like how it looks! It would look really good for your school!

Mostly I see girls with hair in long layers (like me).

I do not know if I am nowhere, but if you know what I mean, can you tell me how he got his ponytail that backpack? D:


Sultana said...

Ridicule. ... ... ... ...

Orrr they could buy.
They are new. =)

T R [Metallica week] said...

If you are the owner of the tail of the horse, not an inch or inch and a half from the scalp and part of the ponytail in the middle and pull the ponytail holder of more rigorous.

Jaclyn Camal C said...

Love it too ... I have no idea

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