Friday, December 11, 2009

Where To Buy Repo Atv What Happens If You Buy An ATV With A Loan On It?

What happens if you buy an ATV with a loan on it? - where to buy repo atv

I bought an SUV last week with a private party. He said it was a loan, but it was worth it, even without a title, it is not required in Wisconsin.

My question is, if you owe money on your default (and loans), the bank can buy from me? (assuming they find me, I'm 700 miles away in another state), I received a contract indicating that it was sold to me and said he was not prepared to subject.

What is fever?


Todd said...

"If" Is it a loan from the ATV, which was not paid, then buy it, and no longer pay or not pay the loan ... If the bank was the bike.
This is a single objective Maintenance lein. A lein provides the company with the financing of certain guarantees for their losses when recover credit losses.

Nigel M said...

Which according to him first for the money, do not want the bike. It might take you. You could sue if this is the case.

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