Saturday, December 19, 2009

Brazilian Wax In Santa Barbara Good Places To Get Brazilian Waxed In Santa Barbara?

Good places to get brazilian waxed in santa barbara? - brazilian wax in santa barbara

What are good places to get to the bottom of / Brazilian Waxing in Santa Barbara


Obviousm... said...

Peaches Skin Care
104 W Mission St, Santa Barbara, CA - (805) 563-9796

Axis Skin & Body Studio
4141 State St Suite C2, Santa Barbara, CA - (805) 845-3182

Georgia Electrolysis and Waxing Studio
3044 De La Vina St., Santa Barbara, CA - (805) 898-1773

Peaches is definitely a Brazilian, and is the best of the group. However, I realized the other on the field and give you the choice. Call in advance to find out, because some places will do it because of the risk of infections and complications.

beauty_i... said...

Not sure, but I check out

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