Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ocular Herpes More Condition_symptoms How Long After Infection Does Ocular Herpes Have An Outbreak?

How long after infection does Ocular Herpes have an outbreak? - ocular herpes more condition_symptoms

I had symptoms for several weeks and now I wonder how long after, my eyes are infected with herpes have an outbreak.


thinkabo... said...

You immediately see an ophthalmologist.
Anti, you will probably be prescribed antiviral medication to alleviate the problem, assuming they even have this condition.

They do not give much information. To someone who has cold sores on your eyes? Do you believe that people infected, you escape?

If you have ocular herpes, you can blind with this condition. It is important to seek medical attention immediately, discard ~ o de

Ms. Le'Kia said...

If the eye is affected by the herpes simplex, usually affects only one eye, and mostly the case in the cornea (the transparent dome, will normally cover) the front of the eye. This type of infection of the cornea called herpetic keratitis. The infection can be superficial, involving the surface layer (epithelium) of the cornea and usually heals without scarring, or it may involve the deeper layers of the cornea. If the infection reaches the deeper layers can lead to scarring of the cornea, loss of vision and sometimes leading to blindness. Less commonly herpes simplex virus can infect,) (also in the interior of the eye Herpes Uveitis) or retina (herpes.
The symptoms of herpes eye disease in May blurred vision, light sensitivity, pain and redness of the eye. The following websites offer further information. Good luck! ...

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