Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Can Rephresh Cause Bleeding How Exactly Does Rephresh Vaginal Gel Work?

How exactly does Rephresh Vaginal Gel work? - can rephresh cause bleeding

The site is really not much.

On the website states:
"Some women may lag behind after using RepHresh Note: This is caused by disposal of batteries dry vagina. Your body naturally makes the vagina dry which has accumulated over time. RepHresh possible that this can happen, fabric leaves providers softer. RepHresh With regular use, prevents the accumulation of skin cells and dry discharge should be less. If the download does not less, wait one or two days between applications.

And, well, it seems very rare and hard to me. I mean, what my vagina peeling? OK, now I laugh.


ஐ Miss Nikki ™ஐ said...

Wow ....* hysterical laughter *... wow

"David's Run" said...

I think this product is designed like a Venus fly trap work. "If there is a trap, closed in the vicinity of sources and consumption", a pleasant smell goes and everything is in order. "Well, I'm laughing" LOL! :)

Angus Beefhart said...

Wow. Thank God, I have one of those things vagina.

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