Friday, December 18, 2009

Pokemon With Boobs Pokemon Is Perverted.......?

Pokemon is perverted.......? - pokemon with boobs

haha it's a song appears at first glance, "Let's Get It On!" and one that "lets go do it!"

and in one episode:
* Ash is suddenly "Uh Oh waahh !!!!"*
* Look Misty and Brock *
Ash: Yes! IM READY!
Misty: * jumps * Phew ... eu! * * Again Brock "Brock, are prepared? *
To show Brock: "A new star, a new adventure, another chance, the same thing in a new city!"
Misty: "Oh ...... I thought he wanted something different!"

And in Episode 18, James is in a beauty contest, and hes freaking huge breasts, and he speaks dirty things in Japanese. If you do not believe me dig Pokemon episode '18 'on YouTube!


Sachi ☆ said...

Yes, well, that the intention to have more fun, but he hopes that perverse in some parts, because many of the anime is so wrong x3.


Lady Tofu♥ has quit Y!A D: said...

Oh Gosh Please do not mention James with big breasts.

This episode gave me nightmares. > ___ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ U0026lt; When I was little, I saw, because I wanted to see what it was like the original Pokemon. LOL worst video choice ....

xkylonx said...

Pokemon is almost the hottest thing is so hot dawn

Chloe ~VK Family~ is leaving said...

Yepp. Also for children is perverted anime XD hehe

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