Thursday, December 17, 2009

High Hemoglobin In Dog Why Is My Dog's Hemoglobin So High?

Why is my dog's hemoglobin so high? - high hemoglobin in dog

I brought my 4 year old pit bull 75 pounds at the vet, and after looking at the redness of the gums, said that the dog must have a very high level of hemoglobin (he said "like 99") but not all units.

My dog has to be very healthy otherwise, but rather small. The vet was not affected by it, so I will not ask what to do with a dramatic increase in their hemoglobin cause?


krissydv... said...

High concentrations of hemoglobin, only indicates that your body makes too many red blood cells (cells that contain hemoglobin,) carry the oxygen through the body. There are several reasons why this could happen, such great heights (it will be an increase in hemoglobin in red blood cells) is due to low oxygen in the air, diseases such as heart failure or lung disease. If your vet does not seem concerned, it would be wrong, but blood tests and ask your veterinarian is the only way to understand, why are their hemoglobin levels high.

dumpling... said...

JRC has his blood tested, if it is not spam haemaglobin in any case, what should a dog, means red gums gum disease

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