Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tax Preparer Insurance Can I Get In Trouble For Someone Else's Tax Fraud?

Can I get in trouble for someone else's tax fraud? - tax preparer insurance

Here's the deal. I was hired as a tax preparer for a CPA. I've never done before taxes are only human, and showed me the basics. Sometimes I gave a performance that is almost complete, except to add one or two things. Ultimately I need to start and tax preparers. If they lie about certain things, can I be responsible? Someone should check to me, but I do not know if this has happened. If the IRS an audit, and the initials as a coach ... I can deal with guilt? "I mean, how you can pay $ 40k lawfully put furniture in the" Home Office "? And I'm filling out forms for the transfer of the life savings of a deceased person on behalf of my company (as the executor.) Somehow I do not believe He goes to his family. And a few more death and taxes should be several thousand. How do I know the money goes to your child? What should I do?


Mark S said...

You said that "initial" as a coach. Do you have your signature on the signature line states that pay a preparer? Subscribe someone has the initials?

If you are registered as a paid preparer, you agree that everything is true and correct in his statement, affirmed.

If someone has signed the statement, then do not swear to the veracity of the statement, you.

I personally have never signed a statement that the number of someone at least I knew she has correctly set.

Judy said...

I am looking for another job. Yes, if you are a preparer, you may be liable even if the main charge-back to taxpayers.

ninasgra... said...

You are in a weak position because they lack the know-how, to tax court. If you are serious about the tax preparation, a course.

This training in the workplace does not seem effective for you. They have no confidence in the integrity of others in the office.

Meanwhile, it is good that the first progress reports. But when asked why, as a preparer can not prepare and sign the return, you say "sorry, I do not understand well enough to sign it.

In practice, I doubt that your own tax return, to sign the tax-preparation. If you register as a paid preparer, you can not get in trouble for errors in the tax return.

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