Monday, January 4, 2010

Commercial Buildings For Lease Sent Lease Proposal, How Long Do I Wait?

Sent Lease Proposal, How Long Do I Wait? - commercial buildings for lease

I submitted a proposal for a commercial client's lease, how long should I wait to go with him to get an answer?


nickipet... said...

I totally agree with Buddha 1 (SP)

Call them today, now, if possible, ask them if they came to his proposal, and to reflect.

budhah1 said...

Today, the time the property is of the essence .. no time to lose, which is active in the tenants and could lose by sitting on their hands, so to speak, again, you have to move with your company. Pause and wait for somthing as important as the space is counterproductive

estielmo said...

It was built in a period in your bid.

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