Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Kensington Bluetooth Driver I Need The Driver For A Kensington Bluetooth 2.0 (model # 33348) Could Someone Help Me Please?

I need the driver for a Kensington Bluetooth 2.0 (model # 33348) could someone help me please? - kensington bluetooth driver

You are not alone. Many people here with similar problems. Drivers on CD and not on the website. I'm .. hehe ...


williamh... said...


Pilot programs are provided by the manufacturers of devices (printers, for example) that tell the operating system to interact with devices to. Without the controller does not, the device does not work.

When Windows XP was released in 2001, there were problems with drivers for most devices, these devices do not work hard drive installed on an XP machine. See the website of the device manufacturer's website to find the correct driver for your operating system. If you have problems, call the manufacturer, should be a phone number listed on the site costs.

In addition, some new devices do not work with operating systems like Windows 95 and 98 the oldest. Check system requirements for the device should be on the packaging or manual or contact the manufacturer of computer peripherals.

If the device is not yet verified the information on the website if you have a problem, find someone, and they can also like a solution. AlIn addition, a number of sites where you can download the driver. Try: ...

After all, if the problem is still not clear that the product is a device from another manufacturer.

lawrence m said...

Here you see they can have you.http: / /

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