Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Pipe Freezing Pvc Does Water In Sealed PVC Pipe Expand When Heated?

Does water in sealed PVC pipe expand when heated? - pipe freezing pvc

I am building a cold frame (mini-greenhouse), so that it can grow out of vegetables in winter. I thought that the sealed water-filled PVC to keep warm at night. I fear that the constant fluctuations in temperature, including blocking would cause the seal to fail. If this works suggestions to save as much water in the tubes? Any help would be great for this. Thank you!


mike said...

If you intend to water, which also flows of heat, so it should be correct. You do not know if it works to provide the heat, but

mustange... said...

Yes, it expand, but do not hold heat all night. If the weather is very cold soon lose heat, frost and may, if so, the tube can be broken. If you were a solar panel and a memory in combination with water during the day and move through the tubes of heat during the night read more capable of doing things.

Irv S said...

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IAMWonde... said...

I think, not too cold where you live, and you just want to only keep the cold outside. Hot water connection through PVC pipes is not a good idea. First, I have no time to heat a long time, and secondly, the repeated use for that purpose, the cracks in the plastic. A ceramic element of the small size (8 "x 5") with a cutting edge automatic thermostat on a low speed work great - about $ 40. No hot coil to heat combustible substances.The contact a partner or halogen lamps (75W - 150W), will try to keep the cold. Use bug lights. Because of its yellow glow of light does not bother people too much during the night. You can keep the light cone with a reflective metal, clamp, and cable for about $ 13.00.
All this is at any retail stores like Home Depot or Lowe's Home is available.

Jennifer said...

I would concern me more than water ice. To extend water molecules as they freeze that can cause the seal to burst. I definitely do not fill up the pipeline full.

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