Friday, January 29, 2010

Pir Sensor Design Please Help Me Design A Circuit On PIR Sensor?

Please help me design a circuit on PIR sensor? - pir sensor design

The aim is to provide a system for the PIR sensor design, the body temperature of man, I can being.and use any program to circuit.Please this design a simple circuit to recognize diagram.I seriously the need for assistance in this area. Thanks


Ed the Engineer said...

Take the analog output of the PIR sensor. Put it into a microcontroller with an analog-digital converter. Once this value, the program of the microcontroller in the sampled analog input voltage. An example of this tension at regular intervals. After the calibration values, we can not simply say that a particular analog voltage, temperature should be this value. The semi-linear relationship should be limited to rabies body temperature, so it should be with a known temperature and voltage analog calibration. To do this, wait for minutes, the maximum temperature and temperature, then an interpolation between the values. Feel free to ask any questions or further information. It is likely that you will get better results if you capture something a little sensor, a "sensor. If it detects an object on the wall or away, you can obtain information on the size, probably more reliable than temperature data.

Sorry for the confusion. I thought you would be allowed in this program. Are you recognize the body temperature or the presence of a body? (Is it necessary to recognizeTo get a man or the current temperature?)

What PIR detector do you use? Have you chosen?

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