Saturday, January 23, 2010

Market Spice Tea Why Cant I Find Out Anything About An Online Order I Placed?

Why cant i find out anything about an online order I placed? - market spice tea

The tea was of King Edward, for some specialty teas. I have a confirmation and a link, but when I try to reach the link, used to go there, said it could not be reached.

the contract was losing four boxes at "market spice tea. I placed my order January 11, 2007. I know it is not long, but I was curious to know who is in the process of subscription.
any help that I can do is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!


the cynical chef said...

try to access the site through this link and click go to "Shopping Cart". If you have their cookies on your computer, you can place your order. Tho not sure.

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