Thursday, January 28, 2010

Russian Soldier Chomikuj Can't Find A Children's Book: About A Russian (maybe) Soldier Named Popov (maybe). Anyone Know The Name?

Can't find a children's book: about a Russian (maybe) soldier named Popov (maybe). anyone know the name? - russian soldier chomikuj

This was one of my favorite books as a child, and she could not do it for my nephew and niece. I do not know the name searched and after a while!


cowgalut... said...

Sorry ... I'm not sure if that's all.
Jubilee in the old Russia and other stories
by Evgeny Popov, Robert Porter (Translator)

About this title: short stories are prose Popov type of town on the territory of the grotesque through the harsh reality of Soviet life later. Russia to celebrate the old Russia and other stories from the Siberian Russia, a peasant's cottage, a workshop in Moscow differs from the decomposition of the plant. In a landscape populated abuse sublime to the beloved characters from the hard stresses of everyday life and the perils of the modern world, these men and women are caught, turned to vodka and ease histories, and physical and verbal pain dehumanizing Soviet regime, their fate is. Freely mixing the fantastic with concrete, Popov stories offer a glimpse into the black humor into the soul of a man humbled by the regime.

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