Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Juvenile Seizures Did I Grow Out Of The Seizures?

Did I grow out of the seizures? - juvenile seizures

There were many crises, when I was younger, all of which were caused by a high fever.

Always began with an aura (leg shake or completely immobile), then I would go into a grand mal seizure.

I had 8 of them occurring since the age of 9 years with them, about every eighteen months or so.

The last attack I had was in May 17, 2005. High fever was caused by septic shock.

So now its been over 3 years ago I had a crisis, and have very high fever, because without complications.

I'm pretty sure it's "juvenile myoclonic", developed by epilepsy. I have never taken medicine or anything.

I had an MRI, EEG, Spinal Tap, so that in me, and found no tumors, epilepsy, or something unusual () except for sepsis.

I am of them? I read that it is about 2 years, you are very good. He is 3 for me.


greydoc6 said...

I think it's better this way neurologists for you. They do not correspond to the model of different diagnoses. Most children with febrile seizures had their first seizure before the age of three years. Yes, there are exceptions, but rare. Over 95% of children with febrile seizures and not seizure-free after adolescence. The statistics vary, depending on whose study you read, but seventy percent of children with febrile seizures have a parent or a brother to a similar seizure of childhood.

You can leave a juvenile myoclonic epilepsy or benign Rolando out of the crisis, but usually there are changes in the EEG.

Good chance for a life free of seizures.

Anonymous said...

Characteristics of crises that occur more frequently in the morning after waking up and can be caused by sleep deprivation. In addition, a complete remission is rare.

Jose N said...

Please understand that while there may, as such, it is to be clearly diagnosed that she had a form of epilepsy. Epilepsy is a disorder, seizure occurs more than once, is defined.

I think it is pointing to the ground that the worst is over May for you. If we can continue on this path to be said, completely free of crises. But please note that you can find another in the future and it would be nice too. They are so precious and cared for in this life, even if you have entered.

I hope and pray that remain free of seizures for the rest of his life, hopefully long and happy.

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