Saturday, January 9, 2010

Building A Patio Cover What Kind Of Patio Cover?

What kind of patio cover? - building a patio cover

I want to have built a covered terrace in the garden, and I would get a wood, but I'm working with someone alumawood proposed. They had a wood yard and had to paint, cracked wood, and looked very bad after a few years ago. I know nothing alumawood. Does anyone have any ideas or links where I can get information.


Ryan D said...

I build patio door to live. We do alumawood, mainly but sometimes we all have wooden terrace. I recommend aluminum products alumawood or different at any time. Maintenance and eternal, and are free. Here is a link, where you can see lots of photos.

Quest said...

You can also search in composite materials - Choice / Trekking

Just do not trust the coating material. Hagel and molds. Our cover is made with wooden beams and Returns Double Face. We are filled with sand, and where cracks and Restaino. Opted for a pool - against the leaves and taking into account the possibility of a sky-lit ventilated leaf architecture. Just type in a patio / deck refers to its search engine and find many opportunities.

Ms. Chayel said...

Erlangen and maintain, a beautiful wood stain.

buzzards... said...

Covers also a patio built for a lifetime. I never considered heavy timber for a reason ....... Wood decay

Wood also be willing to work every maintinence year.

I build ...... just because of what the customer wants.

I have found in my new house last year ... and was aluminum. Heavy extruded frame and post and heavy weight (.040 thick) panels

Coverage of alumina is free and requires no painting.
The metal has a baked paint factory, where the custom chip peel or crack. Top panels are available in 2 thickness, 021, .032 and .040
The cost for the 040 a little more, but in fact a blow just before TAKS Dent.

I have a new roof on the deck of my father this summer and where to use what is known as a solar panel, 3rd It is a foam insulation board with embossed aluminum skin on both sides. Later in the way, if my people want, you can also simply by the walls made of the same material. This type of coverage is the Cadillac Court blankets. A Most DomOOM companies build conservatories with the same material. You can also go on a 3-panel sliding roof, without worrying about passwords. Available in 3 ", 4" and 6 "thick. Solar 3 than 3 cm thick, and so on.

A 10x20 high as yours in my house, and about $ 2400 installed

A 10X20 3 lots as the father s house to sell and install, around $ 4,000

Both can be built as free standing or mounted on the dashboard of the house.

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