Thursday, January 14, 2010

Build A Swing Set How To Build A Rope Swing?

How to build a rope swing? - build a swing set

I want to build a swing from our dock on the lake. We have no trees near our dock, and has no roof, so that you bind do not know how a rope? Would it be better to do on the quay or yard, which is higher? What should I do?


Toffy said...

Well, the rope you need something big for the swing on the lake or water. We plan insurance. U must be the rope attached to a node that is not followed by A. Top commit or whatever, then the node from the bottom about 18 "from the bottom of a rope with knots to leave again. This is the place to take your feet placed on the rope swing and hang s'. Get a good swing, and do not forget to let the water .... The time is the key .... I learned the hard way when I was a child ..... had waited too long ... blow the superficial part. ... Ugg ... was OK ... but needed time to breathe ....

Jim W said...

Plant a tree and let you develop or use a hot air balloon too.

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