Saturday, January 16, 2010

Levitra Expiration Date I've Taken Levitra For 6 Years And Always Gotten An Erection, The Last Year I Have Not. Is There An Exp. Date?

I've taken Levitra for 6 years and always gotten an erection, the last year I have not. Is there an exp. date? - levitra expiration date

I could not get an erection after taking Levitra months ago I had an erection to another brand. I think the problem is, the expiry date has passed this business on Levitra.


Colors said...

Like all medicines, which has an expiry date, and.
And he used it so long is not affected.
We need to switch to another brand.
That will not work because it is so common.

Barcode said...

Perhaps the immune system is integrated into the product. Please read the following article to see if any of the situations apply to you. If they do that - then the lifestyle modifications might be useful.

What options do I have?

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Ugly Ricky said...

Why not try some exercises to strengthen erection?

Your penis should be straight out of shape and Levitra does not help

Leo U812 said...

Levitra has no expiration date, if you are entitled to a trial by experts likely will be on the side of the box with a Lot number! If you need more help than I would call it Bayer@1.877.275.5384

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