Monday, January 25, 2010

Schwinn Spinner Pro My Spinning Bike Makes A Loud Clicking Sound When I Pedal It. How Do I Fix This -- Or Who Can I Get To Fix It?

My spinning bike makes a loud clicking sound when I pedal it. How do I fix this -- or who can I get to fix it? - schwinn spinner pro

Three months ago I bought a bicycle Schwinn Spinner Pro Spinning in Craigslist. I click for about 2 months before the start of his strong, if you enjoyed the pedal.

Who knows what could be the problem - and how can I solve this problem?

If not, who would be able to solve this problem? Since I bought used to it, I did not repair or service information. (I live in the Chicago area.)


Ed said...

Every bike shop should be able to arrange for you. The other was not clear that this is an exercise bike than a normal bike, so it does not gear. When I think id say that the problem is with the crank.

Get a Grip Cycles
4359 W. Irving Park Road
Chicago, IL

Johnny Sprocket
3001 N. Broadway
Chicago, IL 60657

1052 W. Bryn Mawr
Chicago, IL 60,660

There are a few good deals for you to go to Chicago.

Rupert said...

When this occurs, if you are on the pedals, I propose that the handle may be loose. Overall, there is a small cap on the shaft where he was the bottom bracket to eliminate the crank and screws on each side. This should solve the problem. In general, a collection of 15mm should be the trick, but it can vary.

Rise Above said...

Before you do, you take a look at the pedals and the cleats on his shoes. Something simple can be released.
Towing a spin bike in a shop would be a pain.
Also make sure that no pollution or click something in the steering wheel, it would make as it is the friction brake (assuming that the type of spin-bike).

Tim said...

Your cable will derailling out of synchronization is necessary to readjust the cable. If you do not know how to do it myself then it will take for a bike shop. It will be free. You should not require you something back to the cable. Benchmarking is a matter of secondary importance.

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