Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Make Pictures With Another Body How Do I Make A Specific File A Layer In Adobe Photoshop?

How do i make a specific file a layer in adobe photoshop? - make pictures with another body

Body please help me with Adobe Photoshop CS2. How can a concrete image of a layer and how do I add another layer-specific (i guess the bottom)? I read the help files that accompany the software and I bought Photoshop CS2 for Dummies. Questions I am quite new in Photoshop and can not in any tutorials you can get help exactly how a file as a layer that will be assigned with another. maybe I'm stupid or illitterate it is aggravating as much for software that I can not use to pay. Nevertheless, if someone could explain can be as simple as I am very grateful


ducatist... said...

Photoshop is very frustrating to learn! Things you should consider making basic and simple, it seems very complicated, until they finally become aware of the program, and everything that makes sense.

Therefore, I will keep hunting. That's how I do what you try (I myself am do-taught, which may be a better solution, should this program):
1. Open the file that you used as a layer (we call it'')
2. Save as a Photoshop document
3. In the Layers toolbox, double-click on the checkbox "background" - this in turn the entire image in one layer.
4. Open the other - we call them 'B' (the first free)
5. Move to open the two files, so you can see both.
6 Click on a file and click on the arrow tool (tool in the upper right corner)
7. Click on the image and drag it to B. This is automatically the image in B as a new layer.

Save B as a new Photoshop file that you do not mess with the original.

The strata can be preserved in the documents of Photoshop, the image will be crushed if they are saved as JPG or TIFF, A.

Hope this helps!

Caprisco said...

If you have a PSD with a single background layer. Double-click it and click OK. Wolla the lower layer. CRT use to make a layer SIFT Virgin "+ + N".

Mail if you have any problems.

vishwaan... said...

Click on the level of the "new" button in the lower right corner of the window layers of floating .. jus now .. keep selected layer Juice, then drag the file into the workspace ...

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