Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Free Sample Of Coat Drive Donation Letter Wanna Laugh!? :D?

Wanna laugh!? :D? - free sample of coat drive donation letter

Yo momma's so fat, was walking in front of the TV the whole episode.

Yo momma's so fat, when she can in the weight class, my phone number.

Yo momma is so stupid to climb onto the glass wall to see what's on the other side.

Yo momma's so fat, used her shirt a real horse.

Yo momma is so old, I knew the Beetles when they were new kids on the block.

Yo Momma's so lame, even the wheelchair guy jealous.

Yo momma's so fat, when he learns to jump, flying pigs.

Yo momma's so fat, when you buy a fur coat, a sort of died out.

Yo momma's so fat when she goes to the doctor, who has weighed in on the Richter scale.

Yo momma's so fat, wore an X-Files T-shirt and a helicopter landed on him.

Yo momma so fat, you use the fridge for your lunch box.

Yo momma is so stupid, he demanded a refund because he gave a donut with a hole in it.

Yo momma so stupid she tried to drown aFish.

Yo mommas so stupid, she had a free sample


JaDiE W said...

Really funnny!

has them all!

Wicked! Givving a star!

Petero said...

Pathetic !!!!!!

Justin H said...

It is a sign of disrespect, but some were funny ... But still bad.

Leff_Nut... said...


Leff_Nut... said...


SiSi said...

Those who are not heard before (the 2 of them ...)

Danielle said...

What was the time to write everything out to

pete said...

There is a lack of respect for mothers.

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