Thursday, February 4, 2010

Chesty Cough With A Tight Chest Hi There Has Anyone Else Got This Virus That Is Making Them Tight Of Breathing High Up Around The Throat Xx?

Hi there has anyone else got this virus that is making them tight of breathing high up around the throat xx? - chesty cough with a tight chest

had the virus for week began with itchy eyes, back pain, sleep tired all the time, literally everywhere, now firmly in the chest and begins to cough, but not the chest, and now feels sad and depressed ... tired ... Anyone who feels very alone with her.


Dave said...

You have the right of the flu. The best thing for him is rest. Drink plenty of fluids you take aspirin or paracetamol for pain and discomfort. They are free from cooking, washing dishes or looked to take a hot shower for a cup of hot chocolate, go to bed, relax with a good book.

The Mega-Powers said...

I think I now have something like that ... Two days ago I felt very bad in the chest and then I started coughing and now I am weak and will only stay in bed all day .. Ive been running a fever I've tried to take a shower to feel better, but I have not started breathing heavily and had to leave anything without washing, so that I get sick. "I do not know, I think I have the flu Now my husband I do something, .. Take a drug and hope it gets better.

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