Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dragon Bowling Games How To Get My Baby Bearded Dragon To Eat Greens. Any Suggestions For The Current Diet I Have My Dragon On?

How to get my baby bearded dragon to eat greens. Any suggestions for the current diet I have my dragon on? - dragon bowling games

My kite is @ 4-5 cm long. Ive had it for a month. Your current diet is as follows:
Breakfast: 15-25 pinhead crickets, Lunch: 15-25 Pinhead barbecue dinner: baby food, (raspberry / peach, mango or carrot). Once a week I give greenbean baby food. I give color vegetables once a day. The greens are not what you do. Does anyone have any suggestions? Currently, I use mustard greens. He once ate, and have nothing to do with them. I've tried to deliver the food. What kind of vegetables or vegetables would work better? I mist twice a day and have a bowl of water. I dust his crickets twice a week with Dragon Dust ICB.


snake_gi... said...

Baby Beardie not always immediately to green ... Just keep trying, and maybe even the combination to see what you want. Other decisions are kale, endive, escarole, dandelion (estimated as a rule), bok choy, kohlrabi, and small amounts of cabbage and romaine lettuce. NO spinach though.

Otherwise, the system sounds good, but you need a good calcium powder get (Repcal or similar) to use once a week. The Dragon is the fine for vitamins, etc. .. However, it is the calcium they need

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