Monday, February 1, 2010

Army Sacks Does The Army Still Use Ruck Sacks?

Does the army still use ruck sacks? - army sacks

I was told one hours drilling ET superiors. and SFC in the Army, which is not good, with more bags jerk and Mollie package repalced Assualt packs and it is really true or what they are and backpacks good news?


Mistress Mayhem said...

If you were a CIF then click Yes. Ruck sack, I'm always cold and my husband was issued a jerk and CAF during a deployment to Iraq, a game of Mollie and not for the Marine Corps, Marines (not too much is, and it will slow the packaging is reprinted Mollie palstic packages are in them, plastic, well, as it should be at 55 pounds in the ruck backpack if they bear a lot of weight! used instead) Well anyway, my husband has both.

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